Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook
Layflat Photobook

Layflat Photobook



Fabric and faux leather covers with perfectly layflat rigid press-printed pages.

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The Layflat Photobook is the ultimate choice for a high-end photobook. Sturdy layflat press printed pages, two gorgeous page finishes and a large range of covers. Most suitable as a guestbook, engagement book, and more.

Design it Yourself

Make your photobook selections and begin creating a book through our easy Online Designer. It’s as simple as uploading your images and selecting creative layouts.

Once completed, follow the steps to checkout and you’ll receive your book in no time!

Professionally Designed

After purchasing your photobook, you send in your photos. No need to filter: just send them all, if you prefer. Your dedicated designer will contact you to begin the album design process. Designing is always free.

Once you receive your draft, you can provide revisions in our easy-to-use platform. Upon completing revisions, your album is sent to print and you receive it within a few days.

If getting the book professionally designed, most details of your purchase, such as cover and pages, can be modified up until it is approved for print. The photobook comes with two complimentary revision rounds and is $12/round thereafter.

The Layflat Photobook is locally handcrafted in the United States.

The album comes with a simple protective box and an album care guide. See the Shipping Guide for production and shipping information.

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Matte and Lustre page finishes

The Layflat Photobook is press printed with two beautiful selections in page finishes. Choose Matte for a modern chic look, or Lustre for a traditional photo print look.

Fabric and leatherette covers

Choose from an amazing variety of fabric and faux leather covers. Pair it with a cutout Photo Window or a spectacular Feature Photo to achieve a perfect look for your important memories.

Page Count

Use the helpful chart below to decide your page count. For professionally designed albums, pages can be added in 2s after you purchase an album.

Page count Suggested image count
20 35 – 50 Images
30 60 – 75 Images
40 85 – 100 Images
50 110 – 125 Images
60 135 – 150 Images
70 160 – 175 Images
80 185 – 200 Images


Selecting a size can come down to budget and your other prioritizes. Here are some helpful tips on selecting the best orientation.


Allows for the most versatile designs for any kind of event. This is the most popular orientation.


Allows for the most number of images to be placed in a book, while keeping a diversity of layout styles.


Allows for the fewest number of images in a book. A popular modern pick. Ideal for chic portraiture books.


Mailed Gift Cards cannot be guaranteed to arrive to the recipient on a particular date. Use e-Gift Cards if you would like the recipient to get the gift card on a particular date.


Add an extra unique touch with a deboss. A final selection is completed in the online designer or with your assigned designer. Feature Photo, Photowrap covers and Beige Fabric cannot be debossed.

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