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Just pay a 100% refundable design deposit of $14.99


Get a FREE Professional Draft without any upfront payment!

Classic Album
• Exquisite fabric covers
• Photographer-quality album
• Perfect lay-flat construction
• Museum-grade Fine Art printing
• Matte page finish
• Satisfaction Guarantee
From $170 US / $215 CAD


Luxe Leather Album
• Luxurious top-grade leather covers
• Photographer-quality album
• Thick and sturdy 1.3mm pages
• Water-resistant page finishes
• Museum-grade Fine Art printing
• Satisfaction Guarantee
From $450 US / $560 CAD


When can I expect my first draft?
During non-peak times, you should have your first free draft within 48 hours. Peak times are usually around major holidays and the weeks leading up to Christmas.
How long does the whole process take?
You will receive your first draft within 48 hours. From there each revision request (unlimited, by the way) is usually completed within another 48 hours. After your album goes to print, it takes about 10-15 days to receive it. If you need a faster production window, please speak to your designer. See the How It Works page for more information.
I’m not sure which images to send. Can I send you all my pictures?
Yes! We provide complimentary image curation so all you have to do is just send us everything and we take care of it. If you prefer filtering it yourself, you are welcome to do so.
How many pages is the free draft?
A free draft is limited to 32 pages. For smaller albums, this may be sufficient. For larger album, it will give you a preview of how the layouts are coming together. For more than 32 pages, a complete draft is made once you purchase.
What happens after I get my free draft?
Your designer will communicate with you about moving ahead with a purchase. Once you purchase, the $14.99 Design Deposit is refunded. From there you continue on to revisions and/or sending it off to print.
Do you offer photo editing?
Yes, we do! We only charge for the images that end up in your album. Speak to your designer regarding the cost.
Why do you charge the $14.99 Design Deposit for the Free Draft?
We love working on each album that comes our way! We charge a $14.99 initial deposit to protect our time as a growing business. If you choose to purchase an album, this fee is fully refunded!
Are my images high-res enough for print?
You don’t have to worry! Just send us what you have and we’ll let you know if there are any concerns.
I still have questions. How do I contact you?
You can email us at or contact your designer. You can also chat with us through Live Chat Support, if a rep is online.
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