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Frequently asked questions

Orders and sales

Do you sell to the public or just to professional photographers?

We specialize in selling direct to customers, however if you are a photographer, please reach out to us about our Professionals Program.

Can I change the features of my album after placing an order?

Yes! Everything can be modified until your album goes to print.

Can I just send you only the pictures I want in the album?

Yes, of course! We provide complimentary filtering of images as an added service, but it is not required.

How many photos would fit in my album?

Please see below for the maximum number of photos based on album page count.

Page count Ideal image count
20 35 – 50
24 45 – 60
28 55 – 70
32 65 – 80
36 75 – 90
40 85 – 100
44 95 – 110
48 105 – 120
52 115 – 130
Is there is a discount for parent albums?

Yes! You get 10% discount on all clone parent albums. To order parent albums, checkout with the number of albums you require and make a note at checkout in the comments section. You will be issued a discount in the form of a refund.

Is it safe to send you my photos?

Yes, absolutely. You retain the rights to your photographs. We will only utilize them for producing your products. On occasion, we may ask you for your consent to share images of your album for promotional purposes. To learn more, read our detailed Privacy Policy.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to all countries where our couriers can go. You can find details on our Shipping Guide.

When will I get my order?

For orders within the U.S. and Canada, you will normally receive your album within 10 days of being shipped out (Free Shipping). You can also choose upgraded shipping options at checkout.

For International orders Standard shipment times can vary based on their destination. If you would like an estimate before it ships, please Contact Us or your designer.

Will I have to pay tax, customs and duties?

There are no customs or duties on all orders shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada. For orders shipped to California and Canada, applicable sales tax will be calculated at checkout.

For international deliveries, you may be charged customs and/or import duties. We are unable to calculate these in advance and are not responsible for any charges you may have to pay upon receipt of the product(s).

Returns and refunds

Do you have a returns policy?

Due to the custom nature of all our products we are not able to take returns, however your purchase is guaranteed under our Satisfaction Guarantee. In sum, if the fault lies with us we will bear all the costs to get the product right – guaranteed!

What if I change my mind—can I get my money back?

Yes! We can provide a full refund as long as you have not received a digital draft. If you have recieved a draft, you can receive a 70% refund of your order value. If you album has been Approved for print, you cannot receive a refund. To learn more check out our Refund & Redress Policy.

Free draft

When can I expect my first draft?

During non-peak times, you should have your first free draft within 72 hours. Peak times are usually around major holidays and the weeks leading up to Christmas. Note that we do not guarantee a timeline for the free draft.

Are there any limitations with the free draft?

The free draft is limited to our 3 albums and cannot be utilized for photobook projects. Photobooks must be purchased in order to begin the design process. Design is always free. As well, for the free draft, you can only send in the images you’ll be placing in the album. For a small $15 upgrade you can optionally choose to send in everything.

Is the free draft really free? How?

We want you to see what you will be buying, so yes! It’s free. But we do limit the free draft to 30 pages. For smaller albums, this may be sufficient. For larger albums, we will design the first 30 pages of the album and give you an idea of how the layouts are coming together. The complete draft is made once you purchase.

How long does the whole process take?

You will receive your first free draft within 72 hours. Thereafter you purchase and revisions begin. Each round of revision thereafter can take 3 days each. Production times vary for albums. Please see our Shipping Guide to estimate when you should place an order. If you need a faster production window, speak to your designer.

I’m not sure which images to send. Can I send you all my pictures?

Yes, however we do charge a small fee of US$15 for image selection and curation if you will be sending more images than will be in your album. The free draft is free if you only upload the images that will appear in the album, pre-selected. This allows us to keep the free draft a sustainable practice for our small artisanal business.

Note that if you purchase an album upfront, the $15 does not apply. You can then send in as many images as you like and we provide free image selection and curation.

How many pages is the free draft?

A free draft is limited to 30 pages. For smaller albums, this may be sufficient. For larger album, it will give you a preview of how the layouts are coming together. For more than 30 pages, a complete draft is made once you purchase.

I would like revisions completed before I purchase. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, no. Each album takes our designers many hours and we do require a purchase before the revisions process can begin.

Still have questions?

You can email us at support@amorealbums.com or contact your designer. You can also chat with us through Live Chat Support, if a rep is online.