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4 Clever Interior Designs Ideas for Your Wedding Photos

Whether you’re just returning from your honeymoon or have been married for a few decades, wedding photos help make your space a home. Those special moments can easily be incorporated into your interior design. If you’re curious about how, we have a few ideas.

1. Prints + Lights

Photo via Warmly Decor

If you love bohemian flair or the simplicity of hygge then add some soft sparkle to your interior design. All you will need is a string of wired lights, mini clips, and prints of your special day. Secure the prints to the lights and appreciate the warm display for years to come. The prints will outlast the lights by years–our prints are made to last 200+ years!

2. Gallery Wall

Photo credit Decor Lovin’

There’s no wrong way to create a gallery wall. Mix frames and prints that have bold colors with your black and white wedding photos matted in black. Create the perfect square or have your gallery wall run from floor to ceiling. Your wedding photos will pop out in our gorgeous silver, gold, or black metallic molded frames.

3. Canvases + Floating Shelves

Floating shelves and succulents make the perfect pair and they’re trending now. Joss & Main show how a canvas of your special day can fit beautifully on floating shelves with small mementos that you and your favorite person love most. Pick from our 15+ sizing options!

4. Mixed Material

This photo from Wayfair shows us some swoon-worthy industrial interior design. Here’s some inspo for our table top prints. They are bold and they’re the perfect way to add unique design to any space. Will you choose our Acrylic or Metallic table top prints?

One last Amoré touch

Make your wedding photos a priority and not an afterthought in the design process. Remember, we’re here to help you choose designs that represent you. We want to see how you decorate your home with Amore heirlooms.