Where to Buy a Wedding Album

Where to Buy a Wedding Album

Picture this: Kylie and Jay, are super excited because they just got their dates! Their wedding is about a year away. Now comes the exciting time of booking vendors.

They approach a local photographer who shot a friend’s wedding: Photography by Jill. She turns out to be just as awesome as they remember her at the friend’s wedding. They are convinced to go ahead with her. But there is a problem.

Flushmount Wedding Albums Sold by Photographers

The exquisite, professional-quality custom album they saw comes with a whopping price tag! $2500 for a 12”x 12” album that can only fit about 50 images. Yes, it’s Italian leather, yes it’s thick flush-mounted pages, yes it’s handmade – but $2500!

Yes, it’s Italian leather, yes it’s thick flush-mounted pages, yes it’s handmade – but $2500!

The costs are adding up for the essentials: the venue, the dresses, the catering, the music, the invitations. They let Jill know that they have to forgo the album and buy only the digital files.

Fast forward: about 4 months after the wedding, Kylie and Jay are decorating their new home. They realize that nothing in their home commemorates their wedding day. The pictures Jill took turned out to be even better than they could have imagined, but they are still sitting in their Google Drive! Sound familiar yet?

Wedding albums for photographers

They start thinking they should probably get those digital images printed. They think about the $2500 quoted to them and wonder: there has to be another way! So they look into a do-it-yourself solution.

Do-it-Yourself Custom Albums Builders

A quick Google search brings them to Blurb, a popular DIY photo book service. $70 for a wedding book compared to $2500? That can’t be right, can it? They go deeper and realize a few things: these ‘photo book’ wedding albums are far from the quality they were shown by their photographer, and you have to design it all yourself.

Other DIY Albums Sites:

The menu and options were so overwhelming and complicated. Both Kylie and Jay are professionals working stressful jobs and often put in 70 hour weeks! There is no way they can make the time to understand all this only to settle for a cheaper quality product. It just doesn’t add up.

Old-School Scrapbook Style Albums

They look at solutions on Amazon for scrapbook and photo-insert albums. Sure, it costs $15 and they can go to Costco and get prints – but this tacky solution just doesn’t feel right. All their friends have custom wedding albums with pictures printed right on to the beautiful, thick flushmounted pages.

Having dismissed these options Kylie and Jay feel stuck for a solution. Where can they get professional quality albums, like the samples their photographer showed them, at a reasonable price-point that doesn’t require them to put in hours and hours of work?

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